What are the reasons to have a virtual tour for my venue?

Tell me the reasons to have a virtual tour listing on The Venue Showcase?

12 reasons to have a virtual tour are many. Let's talk about the things that matter. The things that you care about. Let's talk about what's in it for YOU

  • #1 most important aspect! Unlike most others, our VR tours are super easy for people to use.

    Some of you may have experienced quirky and confusing vr tours in the past. Weird dollhouse views and confusing navigation causing people to get lost in it all. NOT WITH US! Our 360 tours are super simple to view and navigate. They properly lead folks through the tour in a very easy to use manner that keeps them viewing and more importantly has them LOVING it! Let us show the ease and simplicity of our tour technology.

  • We provide much more than just a virtual tour. We provide an entire showcase listing of your venue end to end.

    Not only do you get a fully immersive virtual tour, but you get an entire showcase listing for your venue listing important key information such as amenities list, embedded google maps, photo and video gallery, social media links, website link, fully customized area for content such as FAQs, downloadable PDF brochures, and so much more. We provide an entire platform, crafted with love and passion for the events industry, to drive results.

  • Recent events have put a hold on in person meetings

    One of the very "relevant in today's world" reasons to have a virtual tour is even if the government says #StayHome, you can still conduct business and provide your prospects a realistic tour just as if they were there in person. This is the most effective way to drive results when you cannot meet in person.

  • Host a Virtual Open House

    Open House tours are one of the best ways to showcase your venue and one of the main reasons to have a virtual tour. The problem is, not everyone can make it on your specified date. Some folks may be too far away to attend. A Virtual Open House is a fun and unique way to make it easy for everyone. We have an array of options and ideas on how to make this fun and produce results.

  • Distant prospects will appreciate it

    Often those booking your venue or event space are not within easy travelling distance to take a tour in person. Our virtual tours allow them the ability to see things in detail and roam about the event spaces as if they were there. Venue clients often cite virtual tours as one of the most appreciated and useful tools when choosing a venue.

  • Clients LOVE to use it to plan and imagine their ideas and share with friends and family!

    Virtual tours are not only useful to bring you clients, but incredibly useful to provide your existing clients a fun and useful tool to help them plan things out and envision their ideas. When polled, brides have listed virtual reality venue tours as one of the easiest and fun ways to talk over decor ideas with their friends and family. They also LOVE being able to show their friends and family the venue overall.

  • It showcases aspects you simply cannot get across with photographs alone

    They say a picture is worth 1000 words. If that is true, then an immersive virtual reality tour is worth MILLIONS! Your venue is elegant, charming, perhaps rustic and chic... how do you convey all of that with just a few photos on a web page? You cannot. The essence of the entire atmosphere is missing. Our virtual tours bring that to life. We show the charm, the elegance, the complete atmosphere. Your venue deserves to be seen properly and in it's entirety.

  • Planners and vendor partners LOVE it!

    Being able to SEE your entire venue in detail, any time and any where, is something your vendor partners will appreciate and use over and over as they meet with your mutual clients and discuss services, decor, layouts, ideas, and more. When you take your vendor partners into consideration for reasons to have a virtual tour, your venue will always be the first to come to mind!

  • It appeals and caters to the tech savvy generation

    One of your core target markets is the millennial generation and upcoming technology savvy demographic. This crowd is all about using the internet and the technology rich tools such as immersive virtual reality. By having a virtual tour, you are giving this target market what they want and what they will use. It will set you apart from all the other venues and event spaces that do not. You will be remembered!

  • It improves your own website's search engine ranking

    Our virtual tour listing is crafted for what is called SEO - Search Engine Optimization. This means by simply having a listing, search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing will see your listing and count it towards how high they rank your own website when people search for venues. This is a powerful aspect of what we offer and often worth the cost of our listing alone.

  • Our virtual tours are optimized for sharing on social media

    Your prospects and clients can share your virtual tour (if you choose to allow) on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Often brides love to post the tour saying how happy they were with your venue and to show the gorgeous property. This aspect drives more eyes to your venue, creates awareness of your property, and helps create interested referrals from your clients.

  • It can provide lead capture and analytics

    We can design your listing to capture the names and email addressed, even phone numbers of visitors to your listing. This provides you the ability to follow up with them and engage with them to introduce yourself and answer any questions... and engage them before they book another venue! We also provide full analytics for folks wanting to see traffic to the listing and other useful statistics.

When it comes to reasons to have a virtual tour, there is so much more our Virtual Tour Listing offers you as a venue owner. Let's discuss it. We promise it is affordable. In fact it costs less than the price of a weekend hotel getaway!

Still trying to justify the reasons to have a virtual tour and wondering how a 360 panoramic tour can help your venue? This recent article by The Knot on “Questions to ask your wedding venue” covers many things that not only get answered with a tour, but allows your potential brides to actually see those answers and how they look.