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Event and Wedding Venues in Maryland

Maryland is often called "America in miniature" for its varied landscape, from mountains to its waterfronts. One of the USA’s first 13 colonies, Maryland lies at the heart of Colonial America with its place in the forefront of American history and every other major period in America's story. From clambakes and bonfires to scenic drives through mountains or evenings spent on Ocean City’s boardwalk, this diverse state welcomes visitors with a blend of modern life and history.

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All about Maryland

Maryland has been called “America in Miniature” because of the diverse areas and wide span of natural features. You can find just about any kind of natural feature here, except a desert. Water is almost everywhere in Maryland. The “America In Miniature” title also applies to the role Maryland has played in our nation’s history, from the founding of the United States to the present. Maryland is home to many different ethic groups as well. Famous Marylanders include politicians, painters, artists, craftspeople, authors, doctors and religious leaders. Maryland was home to the first railroad, the first dental school and the first umbrella factory. Famous Maryland inventors gave us the gas light, the Linotype machine and the refrigerator.

For events and wedding venues in Maryland, Maryland offers so many choices. Historic properties that host weddings and events are found all across the state. Elegant properties with rich history are common through the state. Rustic farmland offers a selection of barn and country themed venues for those looking for the outdoor and vintage farm wedding or event theme. The most popular areas are found along the water. Maryland is well known for its beach properties hosting events. From lakes, to the ocean side venues, Maryland brings maritime ocean and waterway fun to you and your guests.

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